About Navitasoft

Navitasoft provides energy business software solutions for the liberalised electricity and gas market players such as Transmission Systems Operators, Storage Systems Operators, Energy Traders, Shippers, and Regulators.

We develop*, implement and support IT platforms related to energy transport, trading, and storage management. Our applications support energy system operators in merchandising their gas or electricity transport and distribution infrastructures as a service. Energy traders also enjoy the resort to these services, enabled by Navitasoft solutions. Our applications for traders support the business with contract and portfolio management, forecasting, nomination and scheduling, allocation and accounting. Our IT Platforms, TPA (Third Party Access) systems and other applications for system operators support the business with sales of capacities, nomination, allocation and accounting. Our products offer transparent and market-based solutions satisfying the regulations. Our products are also available as cloud service.

*Our strategic partner is IP Systems. IP Systems use Japanese adaptive software development methodology which gives us the capability to deliver usable software products very quickly. 

Core Values

You don’t have to wait for years. We use adaptive methodology which is the fastest way to get usable results.


Handling complex business requirements is a challenge. Our most important quality factor is the business usability.


Qualified experts in the field of energy software development and business analysis with only one goal: nothing is impossible.