Since August (2017) the energy trade and risk management activities of Budapesti Erőmű Zrt. are managed by the ETRM-IP IT platform developed by us.

Business activities of BERT are supported by the ETRM-IP based on the Agreement signed by Navitasoft (with our Hungarian branch IP Systems) and Budapesti Erőmű Zrt. (BERT, owned by the Czech EPH-group). The Agreement enabled the IT company to develop an IT platform for BERT which can regulate the energy trade and risk management activity of the energy enterprise.

The ETRM (Energy Trade & Risk Management) system calculates changes in energy trade positions in real time, whilst improving efficiency and mitigating risks. The customisation of Navitasoft’s IT solution has been finished, and went live in August. The ETRM-IP product – developed by this software development company that focuses on the energy sector – supports the efficient trading and risk management of natural gas, electricity, carbon, CO2 and other financial derivative products, while calculating and displaying the current market position and the associated risk with the help of the “real-time engine”. Thanks to this platform the user is able to react promptly to market changes, thereby reducing the financial risks of energy trading; essentially, it can optimise profit.

ETRM-IP’s power plant module is part of the project, tit uniquely manages real-time production data as well. With the integration of Scheduling-IP, the system implements the entire scheduling process towards partners and MAVIR, the system operator” – added Ákos Füzi, CEO of Navitasoft.