We won a procurement contract launched by Ukrtransgaz to provide an integrated IT platform for the Ukrainian transmission system operator and gas storage company. To explore further opportunities, Navitasoft, a company employing nearly 150 people, is opening an office in Ukraine.


In 2016, 82.2 billion m3 gas arrived in Europe through Ukraine, accounting for 12.4 percent of total consumption.  Domestic consumption in Ukraine is also significant, amounting last year to 33.2 billion m3, more than three times higher than the Hungarian figure.  With a supply capacity of 146 billion m3/year and an overall storage capacity of 32 billion m3 in 12 gas storage facilities, Ukrtransgaz plays a very significant role even by European standards. With links to Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Romania, the Ukrainian pipeline system has direct connections to the European infrastructure operating in accordance with uniform principles.

On the dynamically developing market, Ukraine is to harmonise its gas trading regulations with the European Union from 2018 with the help of the software developed by us. “Thanks to the number of large-scale storage facilities, the Ukrainian supply system is flexible. Integrating this sizeable gas infrastructure into the European trading system can improve the security of Eastern European gas supply considerably in the long term. It is a great honour for us to have a key professional role in such an important project. - said Ákos Füzi, CEO of Navitasoft.

As part of the assignment, we will implement and customise integrated storage and transmission software at Ukrtransgaz in line with local conditions. TSO-IP will provide access to the transmission system for gas transporters and traders at European level, while Storage-IP will allow usage of the storage capacity for the market. The business use of both physical infrastructures, from capacity booking to clearing, is planned to be achieved via the systems of Navitasoft from 2018. TSO-IP has been in use at the Hungarian transmission system operator since 2007, while Storage-IP ensures the daily usage of gas storage facilities in Hungary and Croatia.

Navitasoft opens office in Ukraine

“Ukraine plays a key role on the energy market. As we believe we can make an effective contribution to the practical implementation of the country’s efforts aimed at energy liberalisation thanks to our almost 10 years of experience, we have decided to open a foreign representation office in Kiev with a Russian speaking team in the hope of fostering good cooperation and working on further projects - added Ákos Füzi.