Simple & efficient multy-country, multy-currency energy trading with real time position calculation

ETRM-IP is one of the greatest things ever happened in the fast-changing energy trading business. The development of our solution is based on 10 years of energy software development expertise and consultation with key users around Europe. 

ETRM-IP does not only support energy trading, transactions and risk management of gas, power, coal, CO2, FX, and other financial commodities for the CEE/SEE and Western European region; it realises these functions in real time, with real time position calculations so you can react to any market moves as quickly as other traders simply can’t. 

We also ensure always up-to-date market and regulatory compliance in the ever-changing energy markets. The scalable and modular structure gives a great variety of configurations with great cost saving benefits. Flexibility is also the main strength of ETRM-IP so implementing unique trading requirements is not a challenge to us.

Core features at a glance
Multy-commodity trading

The software handles gas, power, coal, CO2, FX, and other financial commodities.

Flexible basic data & topology management

There is a separate module for storing and managing data. Well-structured data is the key for flawless processes and maximum benefits. No data are deleted; therefore, data is never lost and can be tracked.

Customisable user screens & deal capture templates

The deal overview table can be customised to make sure that users see only what they want to (or are allowed to) see. Templates for deal entry can be designed by users to meet their needs when entering deals. The creation of a deal template takes 2 minutes and filling it out based on a deal will only take 10 seconds.

Unlimited custom workflows for deal management & other processess

The workflow and hence the lifecycle of the deals can be set up by the business. Authorized users can define which steps need to be taken between saving a deal and deeming it valid.

Real-time position-keeping

If something happens on one end of the process, it will be also accounted for in the other end without any delays. Decision makers can be sure about the correctness of the underlying data they’re using for their choices.

Map view of positions

Besides the usual table view of data, ETRM-IP also offers a map view, which is quite unique on the ETRM market.

Custom filtering & calculations

The parameters of filters and calculations can be defined by the user; therefore, the system doesn’t preset calculations.

Delta calculation

The system calculates the normal-delta of indexed priced deals.

Market compliance check
Export & import possibilites

The software supports the import of information from Excel files and the export of system data into Excel format.

User defined fields

Users can add further fields to screens, which makes it possible to customise the available list of attributes. If, for instance, a new code is required by authorities, no coding is required to place it on the screen; users may do it by themselves.

EMIR/REMIT/MIFID regulatory compliance

Regulatory rules are changing as markets mature; ETRM-IP is able to keep up with the changes and requirements.

Audit trail management

Audit support with extensive entity versioning. Easy access to version history with on-screen timeline.

Top 5 benefits

You don’t have to wait for hours to see your energy portfolio position: It’s always available in real time. Real-time events require real-time responses; no profit is lost because of hours of position calculation.


One integrated system covering all trading functions with unbeatable risk management support. There is no need to purchase separate systems and support for each and every function as ETRM-IP covers all functions.


Customisation is the central point of the product so you can have custom-made business advantages. When the market changes, the business doesn’t need to find a brand new software which meets the new requirements. The software is in-house customisable so no new software or coding is needed.


Unlike many other ETRM systems, ETRM-IP is easy to use with full comfort for traders. Users will like the software which means they’ll enjoy working with it; there will not be any dissatisfied and complaining users.


Future-proof solution in the fast changing energy market.  You do not have to throw away the product after a few years of usage just because it shall not be able to handle the requirements of the future.