System Operators


Powerful and cutting-edge functionalities to cover all daily commercial and reporting needs

Storage-IP is designed to fully support the operation of natural gas storages. Its powerful and cutting-edge functionalities cover all the daily operational needs of storage operators and satisfy the applying EU and local regulations.  Storage users get easy and user-friendly interfaces to handle daily procedures and to manage their inventories so storage can be leveraged to its full potential.

Storage-IP is not only able to meet the requirements of commercial gas storing but it is also capable of coping with the business processes of the National Gas Reserve management. The system handles the commercial and strategic storages separately, even though these reserves are in the same reservoir.

Storage-IP has been used in Hungary since 2010 for successfully managing the 1.2 billion m3 of strategic and 700 million m3 commercial natural gas reserves. The solution was also introduced in Croatia in 2014, where the newly implemented multiplayer business model required some powerful software to manage the 500 million m3 of commercial natural gas capacity.

Core features at a glance
Capacity management

Daily calculation of the available storage load level, manual intervention capability to control the daily maximum load level, daily calculation of available storage capacities with storage portal publication.

Contract management

Handling different kinds of contracts (storage, sale and purchase contracts) and capacity products (firm, interruptible, daily etc.) and also ensuring an automatic sales procedure of non-nominated capacities.


Recording daily and weekly nominations, performing business checks, providing the possibility of automatic/manual nomination acceptance/rejection. Nomination summary, daily storage load calculation and storage forecasting are also available. Storage-IP even makes the automatic operative matching with the TSO.

Allocation & accounting

Receiving allocation data (daily and monthly) from our TSO-IP application. Automatic allocation of quantity distributed to contracts, compilation of daily, monthly, and free-choice period gas trading accounts and statements, also with the management of modified records.

Physical balance

All balance movements are based on measurements. Separate register of mobile and cushion gas inventories. Production of balance reports for optional intervals.

Commercial balance

All balance movements are made automatically according to the allocations with multi-level inventory management and reporting.


Maintenance of storage operation parameters and storage profiles, open/close national gas reserve and managing authorizations, open renomination sessions, managing storage schedule.


Maintenance and emergency task management and calculation of their influence on capacity.

Data service

Continuous and ad hoc data service for the NRA, ACER, the connecting TSO, GSE and storage customers.


Prepare your billing process and carry out invoicing with Invoicing-IP.

Top 5 benefits
All-in-one UGS market tool

Storage-IP has a complete set of functionalities supporting the storage operation with easy usage, as well as clean and accurate reports.

Covering all storage functions

One integrated system covering all storage functions; Storage-IP can also be connected through standard interfaces to any other IT system.


Customisation is the central point of the product so you can have custom business advantages.

User friendly

All user interface panels and dialog boxes are created by careful ergonomic design and they assist the sequences of operations.


Future-proof solution in the fast-changing energy market.  You don’t need to decompose the product after a few years of usage just because it shall not be able to handle the requirements of the future.