Clean Energy for All Europeans: Roundtable on the “winter package”

At the end of November the European Commission published its proposal which is known as “winter package” in the professional circles. This proposal encourages member countries of the European Union to increase the use of clean energy. The Antall József Knowledge Centre and the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies organised a discussion in Brussels which was moderated by the representative of IP Systems.

The Commission wants the EU not only to adapt clean energy transition, but also to take the lead in this process. Therefore the EU has committed itself to cut CO2 emissions by at least 40% by 2030 while modernising the EU's economy and delivering on jobs and growth for all European citizens. The Antall József Knowledge Centre organised a roundtable discussion in Brussels with the participation of professional representatives to discuss the proposal which is known as “winter package” in the professional circles. Our company was given a great honour because our business development manager, Kornél A. Balogh was invited to be the professional moderator of this discussion.

The roundtable discussion was attended by Eberhard Röhm-Malcotti, Head of EU Energy Policy at Axpo Group (Switzerland), Márton Pálmai, Head of Brussels Representation of the MOL GROUP, Gerzson Szalay, representative of MVM in Brussels and Andres Tropp, Head of Material and Process Development at Easti Energia AS (Estonia). The “winter package” proposal has three main goals: prioritising energy efficiency, achieving global leadership in renewable energies and providing a fair deal for consumers.

Central and Eastern European company representatives discussed their first assessment on the European Commission’s “Clean Energy for All Europeans” proposal. Special attention was paid to the internal energy market development, transportation and e-mobility, capacity markets, location neutrality, integration of renewable resources, energy storage, role of natural gas, security of supply, and the European Energy Union concept that has a special significance from the Central Eastern European point of view. All the representatives agreed that the proposal is good but there are many open questions that need to be answered in the next 2 years.

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