FGSZ Plc. is the owner and operator of the natural gas transmission pipeline system of Hungary. The TSO procured a central dispatching platform in 2008 to maximally prepare its IT infrastructure for the new, liberalized market condition. We delivered and implemented the platform, and with continuous development we supply a system that is fully compliant with national and EU legislation (e.g. CAM-NC, BAL-NC and INT-NC and including requirements of REMIT and ENTSOG provisions). The main modules are: Capacity Management, Contract management, Nomination, Measurement Data, Allocation, Operative Matching, Operation Support, Imbalance settlement, Reporting, Publication, Server-Server Integration.


A few years later, another platform was the result of intensive cooperation between IP Systems and FGSZ. In 2011, we developed a Balancing (now: Trading) Platform software for FGSZ. The exchange-like operation of the platform creates a flexible daily marketplace where shippers can anonymously trade with natural gas volumes, capacities and other flexible products through a clearing house. Our software solution won the “ICT project of the year” award of the Hungarian National Innovation Office in 2012.


Finally, we developed for FGSZ the Regional Booking Platform (RBP). RBP is an online capacity booking and auctioning platform for TSOs for domestic and interconnection transmission Entry-Exit point capacities. Operations started in December 2014, when first auctions were held. It offers CAM NC compliant capacity allocation procedures for bundled and unbundled gas capacities for transmission system operators and network users. It was developed for easy and cost-efficient implementation, which aspect is well reflected by the registered 114 network users. RBP has 8 TSO members (Bulgartransgaz, DESFA, Eustream, FGSZ, Gas Connect Austria, Magyar Gáz Tranzit, Plinacro, SNTGN Transgaz) which are using the platform for the auctions for 15 interconnection points and domestic points in Bulgaria (233), Romania (2) and Hungary (320).