No more time lag between a deal carried out and showing its effect on the portfolio

Position-IP offers rock-solid, centralised solution that supports all-around business procedures associated with position keeping, optimisation and risk management in real time.

The customisable graphical representation of the trading data covers full spectrum of energy trading from short to long term. When it comes to short term trading, performance is the focal point, therefore in order to support this activity the software engine provides customisable, real-time data processing and visualisation. Not only the data is processed on the fly but risk calculations and results are available almost immediately thanks to the models we have developed through our R&D activity. The whole system is based on custom parameterisation, including special filter and calculation definitions. If you are using Position-IP, profit optimisation becomes a fine-tuned process thanks to the always up-to-date positions and risk figures available anytime throughout the day. 

Core features at a glance
Real-time position-keeping

If something happens on one end of the process, it will be also accounted for in the other end without any delays. Users can be sure about the correctness of the underlying data they’re using for their decisions.

Map view of position

Besides the usual table view of data, Position-IP also offers a map view,  which is quite unique on the market.

Custom filtering & calculation

The parameters of filters and calculations can be defined by the user; therefore, custom reports and aggregation can be done by the user without any code change by the developers.

Delta calculation

System shows the change in the asset value due to the change of the market price of the underlying product; calculations can provide you with the amount of underlying that needs to be hedged.


Calculates the value of the portfolio current prices, ie contracted value vs current market value.

Greeks for non linear contracts

Measuring the sensitivity of an option’s value to changes in the parameters having been used to the valuation.

Profit and loss

DTD, MTD, YTD, lTD change of the value of the portfolio.

Export & import possibilites

The software supports the import of information from Excel files and the export of system data into Excel format.

User defined fields

Users can add further fields to data structures and screens, which makes it possible to customize the available list of attributes. If, for instance, a new code is required by authorities, no coding is required to place it on the screen; users may do it by themselves.

Top 5 benefits
Real-time position calculation and risk figures

You don’t have to wait for hours to see your energy portfolio position and your risk figures: It’s always available in real time thanks to the high performance engine.

Unbeatable visualisation

You can easily visualise the physical, financial and capacity position with real-time figures in table, chart, and map views.

Fully customisable

When the market changes, the business doesn’t need to find a brand new software which meets the new requirements. The software is in-house customisable so no new software or coding is needed.


Unlike many other systems, Position-IP is easy to use with full comfort for traders. Users will like the software which means they’ll enjoy working with it; there will not be any dissatisfied and complaining users.


Future-proof solution in the fast changing energy market.  You do not have to throw away the product after a few years of usage just because it shall not be able to handle the requirements of the future.