Business decision support throughout the entire lifecycle of trading booth for gas and power

Retail-IP is a must-have IT solution support throughout the entire lifecycle of trading both gas and power. Retail-IP is based on the collection of best practices from the energy sector.

The system is regulation-compliant and it supports the whole business lifecycle from generating offers, supplying contracts through the accounting of delivered and used energy. It handles gas and power but it is perfect for single commodity trading as well. It is modularised and therefore, you can order only what you need for your activity. However, if you have special requirements, we are eager to include custom-made business logics into the application.

Core features at a glance
Handling of supply offers & other contracts

Customer history can be easily tracked.

Receiving & forecasting

Consumption demand, production data & capacity requirements: The more accurate the forecast of consumption, the lower the risk while procuring.

Demand inquiry

Receives energy demand data from balancing group members – both via GUI and system integration (SAP). Verifies and validates inquiries, both formally and content-wise, checks limits (capacity, TOP min/max), sends deadline notifications automatically to customers.

Data reporting

The mandatory reports do not need to be prepared manually and thus saves time for other key tasks such as optimization, trading.

Receiving metering / allocation data & preparing analyses

Forecast, metered and allocation data can be analyzed altogether.

Receiving & handling price quotes & using formula price

Handling of exchange data and familiarity with formula price supports complex pricing and development of new retail products.


The system creates the entire balancing group’s schedule for the TSO.


The system collects the consumption and trade requirements to each network point and creates the nomination for the TSO.

Position optimisation

The system provides trade recommendations for open positions, as well as individual orders on the basis of available wholesale data and price

Customer settlement

Preparation of settlement including regulated tariffs and creation of invoices with invoicing applications or with ERP systems (e.g. SAP).


Creating management reports, data analyses, controlling documents.

Top 5 benefits
Multy-commodity solution

Retail-IP supports unified energy trading both for natural gas and electricity while applying best practices and regulations of the industry.


One integrated system supporting all business processes and covering all trading functions. From now on, you don’t have to prepare and exchange large Excel spreadsheets, there is only one system with integrated modules. Retail-IP can also be connected through standard interfaces to any other IT system.


Customisation is the central point of the product so you can have custom business advantages.

User friendly

All user interface panels and dialog boxes are created by careful ergonomic design and assist the business sequences of operations.


Retail-IP ensures regulatory compliance in the fast changing energy market. You do not have to decompose the product after a few years of usage just because it shall not be able to adjust to the requirements in the future.