Budapest Power Plant Ltd. is the most significant heat and power generator in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. It supplies 144,000 district heated homes while it is also a significant player on the power market. It conducts intensive wholesale trading and is also one of the main players on the balancing market organized by the transmission system operator, Mavir.

With our solution Budapest Power Plant can now manage this complex activity in an integrated environment. We helped the company reduce significantly the time spent with the tasks and human error that arose due to the complexity of processes. We set up a centralized data storage and reporting system. Data transfer processes are now automated: data is collected from the exchange and the TSO, while the scheduling procedure that is especially crucial in case of balancing market participants is now operates flawlessly meeting the newest regulatory requirements.

The whole supply chain is covered by our integrated solution: it supports production planning and optimization (for all 5 units), the complete wholesale electricity trading activity, the balancing market  participation, and finally it includes solutions for supporting processes related to physical delivery.