• Alpiq is a leading Swiss electricity and energy services provider with a European focus. The company is active in power production, as well as energy trading and sales. Alpiq offers its clients extensive, efficient energy services for buildings and plants, transport technology, as well as power and industrial plant engineering.

  • BC-Energy Trade procures electricity and natural gas to its parent company holding Borsodchem, which is a leading European producer of chemicals (e.g. MDI). On the electricity market it operates its own balance group. Besides trading, it provides balance group management services to the BC-Power Plant Ltd (consists of two gas turbines and two co-fired heat recovery steam boilers) and independent trading companies as well.

    BC-Energy Trade employs our portfolio management solution for the management of its electricity balance group. Our IT solution is enhanced with a gas nomination module as well, which is used to communicate with GCA, the Austrian TSO. GCA obligates NUs to use AS4 protocol, which is therefore implemented in our nomination system.

  • IP Systems provides off-the-shelf portfolio management products for smaller players of the gas market as well. The daily operation of Cross-Inergy, a stable retailer of the Hungarian natural gas market, is supported by our small-scale portfolio management solution with nomination, allocation, metering data and settlement data management.