Custom Developments

We introduced several custom developments in the past years, as a result of which our clients attained significant competitive advantage. On the basis of special demands and expectations of our clients we established such innovative solutions, which support optimal resource management and  strategic approach, as well as increase efficiency by implementing them into their custom software as  a copyright know-how. The development can be carried out by product range broadening  realizing the best industry practices, or by creating completely new solutions.


Development of energy industry software at Navitasoft is operated on the basis of adaptive methodology. As a result of developments carried out in 3-week sprints we are able to flexibly react to the changes of legislation or customers’ demands, however business and technical risks can be identified and parried as early as the development stage. Continuous tests carried out during the manifold iterative planning provides an even bigger safety, as well. This methodology enabled us to complete every development within the shortest time, within the deadlines.

Our service comprehensively covers the design and the introduction of new software or custom software components created as a result of our product range broadening starting with the survey of business processes, through integration up to the maintenance and 7/24 hours support.

Our qualification to ISO 27001 information security standards ensures our customers – among others – that our developments succeeded on the basis of individual customer demands will meet the most rigorous security and information protection expectations from informatics and business views.

Top 5 benefits
Custom energy business advantages
Proven experience
Business approach
Regulatory compliance
High performance protected