We don’t just deliver an IT platform for the system operators of the energy market, but with our unique energy market expertise we support them through the changing regulatory and market environment armouring them with on the edge solutions to become virtuoso conductors of the markets.

Storage is our expertise

Today the quality of storage service greatly depends on the IT solution it applies.

Storage is an essential facility on the natural gas market. With market opening it should become an open access platform that serves the flexibility needs of the market participants in a transparent and non-discriminatory way. Furthermore, as the competition on the flexibility market increases storages have to keep up with the challenge and provide more and more innovative products and a customer-friendly service. These all are rooted in IT.

With our experience in implementing storage IT platforms in three countries, Croatia, Hungary, Ukraine, we truly know the specialties of natural gas storage business. Our storage solutions are unique in providing flexible configuration of the nomination process, handling virtual storage groups, security stocks, biogas certificates, and can be deployed in any kind of infrastructure operation setup.


Decade-long experience in natural gas transmission system operation  

We have been consulting how the Third Energy Package and the related Network Codes CAM NC, BAL NC, INT NC, and TAR NC can be implemented at the TSO level, and how these legal requirements can be supported with efficient and innovative IT solutions in Hungary, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. Our Balancing Platform IT solution for example received the Annual Innovation Award from the Hungarian Innovation Agency in 2012.

Another outstanding result of our cooperation with the regional system operators is the Regional Booking Platform (RBP) that is used by 8 TSOs of the Southeastern-European region. The platform enables CAM NC compliant capacity auctioning on the interconnection points of Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Romania, and Slovakia, as well as domestic point capacity auctioning in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania.

Schematic Overview of available modules covering capacity management, nomination, re-nomination, matching, allocation and settlement related tasks: