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Gas Capacity-IP (RBP)

Your ultimate ip and exit point capacity allocation tool

Gas Capacity-IP (RBP) is a leading-edge online capacity booking platform which supports capacity allocation on the cross-border interconnection points of the European Union. It helps participants of the gas market to acquire the necessary amount of capacity via consequent auctions.

Gas Capacity-IP fulfills the requirements laid down in Regulation 984/2013 (Capacity Allocation Mechanisms Network Code) in a user-friendly and cost-efficient way, and it supports the integration of the gas market. 

Gas Capacity-IP has already unleashed new business opportunities: 60 network users and 7 transmission system operators can easily participate in auctions generated on more than 320 Hungarian domestic network points and interconnectors with more than 500 000 successfully conducted capacity auctions (yearly, quarterly, monthly, daily and within-day) so far. 

Core features at a glance
Bundled & unbundled capacity allocation mechanism for standard capacity products

Based on the rules described in CAM NC, Gas Capacity-IP offers the possibility to adjacent TSO members or other system operators to offer their capacity jointly in auctions in the form of bundled firm or interruptible capacity. The application also enables the run of unbundled firm or interruptible capacities by the same TSO member(s) or other system operators.

Bundled & unbundled capacity allocation mechanism for non-standard capacity products

Gas Capacity-IP offers an opportunity to allocate non-standard capacity products according to CAM NC.

Incremental capacity allocation

Gas Capacity-IP makes it also possible to conditionally allocate parallel offer levels according to the CAM NC auction mechanisms.

Bilateral capacity trade

It ensures the potential to trade allocated capacities on a bilateral (over-the-counter) basis.

Support of CMP procedures

Gas Capacity-IP provides comprehensive support of the congestion management procedures (surrender and buy back).

Top 5 benefits
Full compliance with CAM NC

Gas Capacity-IP is a fully online capacity booking platform, designed and implemented especially for the purpose of fulfilling the requirements laid down in Regulation 984/2013 (Capacity Allocation Mechanisms Network Code) in a user-friendly and cost-efficient way, and it supports the integration of the gas market.


In order to minimise adaption costs and time, Gas Capacity-IP was designed to be an Internet-based, thin client solution for both network users and TSOs. It means that everyone may use their current back-end (mainly capacity and contract management) systems without the need to modify or add additional modules to them.


Various connection models assist TSOs and network users to optimise the usage of Gas Capacity-IP according to their business operations. Intuitive graphic user interfaces, built-in Excel uploads and freely accessible SOAP interfaces enable users to customise their connection according to their data exchange requirements and to flexibly upgrade them when required.


The system was designed to meet the necessities of market regulations and applies the best industry practices. However, its flexible design provides enough fields for customisation needed to satisfy individual requirements as well.


Thanks to its careful architecture design, Gas Capacity-IP can deal with any scale of capacity auctioning needs with any number of system users.