Giving more time for real business by saving precious time on scheduling/nomination procedures

Scheduling-IP is the perfect instrument to make sure the time spent on scheduling and nomination is as short as possible. Due to the smart algorithms built in our solution, Scheduling-IP decreases the administrative burden posed by strict scheduling and nomination procedures.

Moreover, it lowers the possibility of making errors to a high extent. Many of the Central Eastern European (CEE) Transmission System Operators (TSOs) have special requirements as to receiving schedule and nomination. Scheduling-IP tracks all peculiarities and remains up-to-date, given the continuous tracking of revisions. It complies with ENTSO-E / ENTSO-G regulations. 

Core features at a glance
Wide range data import

We developed Scheduling-IP to make sure it is customisable to any business systems used by the company. It can receive inputs from Excel files, energy exchanges, any type of databases or even manual inputs.

Creation of schedule & nomination file

The system automatically creates the schedule and nomination files based on the input data and according to the special rules. Manual modification to the data is possible. Changes are saved as versions for tracking purposes. Manual generation is also an available function.

Schedule message & acknowledgement / submitting & verifying nominations

There are built-in communication channels between Scheduling-IP and TSOs: Schedule registration happens through schedule messages, while gas nomination is done by submission. The TSO uses its preferred route – such as webserver, interface, email – to share the result of their acceptance inspection that is recorded in our system.

Scheduling & nomination for 3rd parties

Our experience with the existing client base shows that they submit schedules and nominations on behalf of third parties; therefore, we found it important to implement this function in Scheduling-IP.

Task list & scheduler

With the help of task list and task scheduler, it is impossible to miss submission deadlines.

Customisable paramteres

Reducing the coding needed, the country-specific and trading-related codes and other attributes are customizable in-house.

Error handling

Should there be a problem with the schedule or nomination, the relevant file may be regenerated or manually corrected by the user.


Reports may be generated directly from the system given the standardised database and business logging. Excel reports may be built-in or further extensions may be added through BI.

Top 5 benefits
Focusing on core business

Traders can focus on value added trading and scheduling activities, thanks to the massive reduction of administrative tasks and software-supported flawless operation.

Easy TSO communication

Scheduling-IP solves the latency and discrepancy of the schedules handed over to the TSO. Our solution can communicate with every TSO in the CEE region.

Perfection every day

No human errors, more time for trading instead of administrating.

Easy integration

Scheduling-IP has unbeatable system integration options to ensure information flow.


Future-proof, ENTSO-G/E compliant solution in the fast changing energy market.