System Operators


BAL NC compliant platform supporting TSOs' and Network Users' BALANCING Activity on a rock solid instrastructure

BAL NC-IP is designed for natural gas markets that are introducing or upgrading market based operation in balancing with the aim of gradual evolution towards a full market based balancing regime.

we recommend our BAL NC-­IP solutions for:

  • EU Member State countries who opted for an interim period in BAL NC implementation.
  • Energy Community Member countries, who wish to implement EU regulation compliant solutions.
  • Rest of the world, countries which are in an initial phase of market opening and wish to build up a liquid short term market and market based balancing regime.


BAL NC-IP full-scale solution acknowledges the fact that a natural gas market opening and development has different phases; it takes time for a short term balancing market to become mature.

Therefore, we provide a Balancing Platform as an interim tool and a Trading Platform for mature short term markets.

BAL NC-IP provides a real, competitive, transparent and EU-compliant market environment for all players, who can easily control the ergonomically designed user interfaces without any special market experience and IT knowledge.


Balancing Platform Features

  • Products:
    • Both Standard and Flexibly defined energy (and reserve) products that are tailored for TSO's special balancing needs
    • Capacity products: the Platform can optionally be extended to serve also as a Secondary Capacity Platform
    • Imbalance settlement product: the Platform also provides a neat and simple solution for the daily and monthly imbalance settlement between the TSO and network users
  • Features supporting the TSO:
    • Capacity checking
    • Monitoring of nomination requirements related to the Platform trades.
    • Imbalance settlement price calculation.
    • Financial Settlement Support: third party data management, limit checks, generating settlement data and calculating market reference prices.



Our innovation award winning BAL NC-­IP product leads you through the whole balancing market evolution process. It provides a step by step guide from the setting up of the Balancing Platform to the introduction of trading products, and to the final implementation of a Trading Platform.

With the knowledge of the Hungarian and Croatian system’s development, accompanied with our current developing project of the Ukrainian balancing system we are equipped with all the necessary regulatory, energy market, and IT knowledge you need to meet the Balancing Network Code’s requirements.

Top 5 benefits
Full compliance with BAL NC

Both our Balancing and Trading Platform solutions support you in complying with the 312/2014 EU Balancing Network Code.


BAL NC-IP is based on a thin client solution so it is easily accessible without extra IT requirements on the client’s side.


All user interface panels and dialog boxes are created by careful ergonomic design and assist the sequences of operations.


The system was designed to meet the necessities of market regulations and applies the best industry practices. Furthermore, its flexible design provides numerous fields for customisation to satisfy individual requirements as well.


Thanks to its careful architecture design, the platform can deal with any scale of transmission system with any number of traders.