Modular hydrocarbon accounting tool for small and giant E&Ps

Production-IP ensures up-to-date production data for making the right technological and business-related decisions. Our solution covers all the necessary accounting tools for managing hydrocarbon, water or any other fluid production. Accountants can flexibly set up the production chain from tubing until the transportation sites and connect it to SCADA systems.

The software fully supports various standard and custom allocation algorithms for production and technology raw data and costs as well. Thus Production-IP gives a complete production planning support and provides base data sets for ROI calculations.

You can enjoy a high level of automation and an easily understandable design of user-friendly processes with Production-IP. Due to the fact that any production system model can be configured easily, our solution provides tremendous new opportunities from small to giant E&Ps.

Core features at a glance

The model of the real production system can be set up from the basic elements and relations of the production system. Manageable elements: field, reservoir, well, tubing, gathering manifold, technology facilities such as gas technology plant, oil storage tank, gas injection well, water injection well, etc.


The quantitative and qualitative measuring data can be assigned to the production system in different measurement units via direct (SCADA) or indirect connection as well. For the wells, the system can handle even the mobile-separator measurements.


Production allocation is performed by objects of the model through subordinate objects until the tubings, which take place on the deepest level. In case of objects different from tubing, allocation ratios used by the allocation algorithm may be set as allocation amounts. The result of the allocation may be represented in multiple measurement units. Results may be retrieved from the system in the form of reports, which are available in Excel or pdf format.


While allocating the costs of cost centers among profit centers, our options are not limited to the usage of raw data production models exclusively; we may use different models as well. Actually, the quantities which are the results of the raw data allocation serve as the basis for allocating the costs. The allocated costs are transmitted to the accounting system through an interface; therefore, the production allocation system can be an efficient part of corporate ERP systems.

Top 5 benefits

Production-IP gives a complete production planning support and it provides the base data sets of ROI calculations.


Production IP has unbeatable ERP and SCADA integration options to ensure information flow.


Users can easily manage large amounts of business critical data on a user-friendly interface with the support of automated features.


Customisation is the central point of the product so you can have custom business advantages.


Thanks to its careful architecture design, the platform can deal with any size of production company and it ensures business continuity.