System Operators


Efficient & harmonized co-operation with your system users, partner system operators and regulatory authorities

TSO-IP ensures efficient and harmonised co-operation for domestic and foreign participants of the natural gas market from the viewpoint of the business, the laws and regulations and the market.

From the traders’ side it means primarily the management, realisation and settlement of capacity bindings of the transmission system and the gas transmission needs. On the other hand, for system administrators it is responsible for the comparison of actually realised natural gas transactions and for the allocations to suppliers. Moreover, TSO-IP entirely meets the data providing and publication obligations required by the authorities and the participants of the market.

TSO-IP is a Commercial Dispatching Software (CDS) for gas transmission system operators. Our solution is compliant with the CAM NC, BAL NC, and INT NC regulations of the European Union. However, owing to its modular structure and our significant knowledge of the industrial branch, it is also capable of supporting individual needs and business development aims. Since 2007 TSO-IP has successfully managed a significant amount of the Hungarian natural gas usage and transit.

Core features at a glance
Capacity management

Summarized consumption demand forecasting; long-term, annual, monthly and daily capacity demand. Capacity contract and bilateral capacity trade management. Capacity auctions.


TSO shipping demand entry for shippers; nomination business checks are applied.

Measurement data

Measurement data management and service.


Splitting the difference of nominated and measured quantities among shippers on a daily or a monthly basis. Both automatic default allocation generation and manual NNO allocation is provided.

Operative matching

Arrangement of shipper nominations sent to TSO and to NNOs, notifying concerned actors about any mismatch.

Operation task support

Planning preventive maintenance jobs and managing their hydraulic impact on the natural gas transmission.

Excel file exchange

Required data may be downloaded and uploaded using Excel files in a specific format.

EASEE-GAS-compliant XML messaging

Data transfer between TSO-IP and the partners’ IT platform provided via web services. by using this technology, EASEE-GAS-compliant XML messages can be exchanged. This solution is especially efficient for moving larger data amounts.

Balancing-IP integration

There is direct online connection between TSO-IP and Balancing-IP. TSO-IP notifies Balancing-IP immediately when nominations were saved or bilateral trades were bound. Providing this way automatic update of the proper capacity limits on the market. Similarly, all relevant orders created or trades bound on Balancing-IP are automatically inserted in the capacity and nomination data of the respective shippers. Allocation data of balancing trades are also transferred from TSO-IP to Gas Balancing-IP.


Prepare your billing process and carry out invoicing with Invoicing-IP module.

Top 5 benefits
Full TSO business support

Our solution provides support for managing the daily business processes of natural gas transportation, as well as to other participants of the gas market to co-operate efficiently. Internal business processes of TSO’s may also be optimized by using TSO-IP.

EU compliance instantly

As TSO-IP was designed for full EU compliance, the solution supports the CAM NC, BAL NC and INT NC regulatory codes.

High degree of automation

Easy-to-use interfaces and automatic processes support business operation, thus helping the users to carry out their daily routine. All user interface panels and dialog boxes are created by careful ergonomic design, and they assist the sequences of operations. All features needed by marker participants are acceptable though web GUIs and machine to machine interfaces.


Thanks to its careful architecture design, TSO-IP can deal with any scale of transmission system and any number of gas traders.


Our agile methodology and the flexible design enables the implementation of any necessary change or individual requirements within short time. So there is no struggling with outdated solutions in a fast-changing environment.