Software Development Competences

Have you ever faced tight or insufficient development capacities? Do you have lack of access to IT expertise? You can hire our experienced development teams and IT experts for short, mid and long term projects.

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Most of our development teams consist of Java developers with 5 years of project experience on average. We also have senior colleagues and teams with PHP, Drupal, Oracle expertise. Strong and reliable delivery capabilities of our teams rely in their shared project experiences as SCRUM teams. Based on their individual, high-level IT expertise, they steadily finish the deliverables they committed to in every sprint. Professional and QA oversight of the SCRUM teams is managed by architects and lead developers. All our developers are full stack so that the developable functions can be based on business logic without technological limits and constraints. Consequently, considerable business functions are delivered after every sprint. New functions are immediately handed over to Client after sprint closure for testing or even for installation, according to our agile development methods. This approach allows us to go live with function packages every 2-3 weeks. Our teams have experience in projects with English and Hungarian working language. They have sectoral experience from markets of finance, telecommunications, public administration, health care, education and energy.


Work Methodology

Delivery is based on agile software development methodologies with SCRUM principles. All our projects are design with the goal to develop software prototype in a rapid pace so that Client has numerous and early opportunities to give feedback. This significantly decreases risks associated to the project. Flexibility is another advantage of agility as it allows for change requests during project until the final sprint, without altering the completion deadline or budget (considering that the changes are in line with the sum of deliverables quantity). Development sprints are generally 2-3 weeks long, decided together with the Client in advance of the sprint start. Client usually participates in the sprint closing product demos, where discussion and controlling data analysis also takes place about the progress of the project. Daily standup meetings, sprint planning, retrospective evaluations are all essential elements of our methodologies.


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• FGSZ Zrt.
• Ukrtransgaz (Ukraine)
• Bulgartransgaz (Bulgaria)
• Alpiq (Switzerland)
• MMBF Gas Storage Zrt.
• HEP (Croatia)
• PSP (Croatia)
• ELMU-ÉMÁSZ Energiakereskedo Zrt. (Innogy Group)
• MET Hungary Zrt.
• Budapesti Eromu Zrt. (EPH Group)
• Hungarian National Museum (
• Petofi Literary Museum (
• Video Education Portal (
• New York real estate management portal (
• National Authority for Consumer Protection (
• Farmit – agriculture portal family (
• Dorsum Kft.
• Virgo Systems Kft.



Top 5 benefits
Software-side development

Services include backend development (Java), relational database development (Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Postgre, MySQL, H2, MongoDB, Hazelcast, Apache Ignite) and server-side development. 

Client-side development

We build on Javascript and html (HTML5, CSS3) technologies on the client-side. As framework, we rely on AngularJS and
have experience in Flex technologies too. For the coordination and support of frontend technologies our company employs
UI architect.

Web- and mobile development

For content management and web development, our experts use the free and opensource Drupal contentmanagement
framework (CMS). Besides Drupal, we have considerable experience in AngularJS, Node.js, iOS and Solr. For development
LAMP standard is applied, which includes the following four opensource technologies: 

  • Linux, Apache
  • Percona
  • MariaDB, PHP.
Business analysis

Our BA methodology is based on IIBA standards ( Business analysts at Navitasoft are capable of converting
client needs to software development tasks with high efficiency, creating a bridge between programmers and business
professionals of the client company.


Test Driven Development policy is followed during the development sprints. Unit tests, written by developers, are used for elementary testing of the functions and run repeatedly with every new build. According to business function testing, our testers are responsible for the full-scale business compliance of the functions.Through end-to-end and integration tests, testers make sure that the new functions integrate in the application. Role of automated interface tests is increasing besides manual testing. All our testers have ISTQB qualifications.