Our Meter Reading Mobile Application Was Awarded a Prize

Smart Future Innovation Cluster announced a tender called Smart City Micro Solutions in the summer, which aimed at finding and highlighting the ideas and concepts heading towards new directions in the domestic field of energy innovations. The solutions submitted to the tender promised novelties and practical benefits. In the end, the jury deemed our meter reading mobile application called Mobile Meter the best.

The Smart Future Forum was organized at the end of October and its main topic was a more livable future. The results of the Smart City Micro Solutions tender were also announced at this event, and the prize was awarded to the meter reading submission mobile application developed by IP Systems in cooperation with Navitasoft. The Mobile Meter app gives a highly effective alternative to the traditional procedure of meter reading, which is full of errors and inconveniences. After the installation, the user holds his smartphone in front of the meter, and image recognition algorithms recognize, read and show the actual meter reading, and also send it to the utility provider.

“Mobile Meter is a result of an almost one year long research and development. It makes the meter reading easier and cheaper, both for public utility companies and for consumers. It means that the application provides further possibilities for customer services of the 21st century” said Ákos Füzi, managing director of Navitasoft.